An in-depth examination of the realities of developing and living with the mental health condition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), through the lives and stories of Dutch military veterans.

A veteran of the infantry of the 11th Airmobile Brigade and scout of the 13th Light Brigade, Jamal Saksak (b. 1974) takes us on a deep journey through the challenging, sometimes sinister, but ultimately always rewarding ins-and-outs of life with PTSD.

Awarded medals for 4 NATO missions, 3 in Bosnia (IFOR-2, SFOR-5 and SFOR-14) and 1 in Iraq (SFIR-5) and for 12 years of dedicated service, there is no question of his selflessness. And yet, society has at times failed him — and countless others.

Still Green Heart avoids the cliché picture Hollywood films want to portray and shows viewers the real and FULL story: that living with PTSD is not only possible, but is happening all the time.

Green Heart takes the broadest look at the lives, minds, hearts and even souls of a range of military veterans from the Netherlands. Where are they now? How do they live? What did they go through? In the film, they don’t just talk about their lives — we experience it with them.

The ambitious documentary film began shooting in at various locations throughout the world in 2021 and is expected to be released in late 2022.