MONKEYSHOOT began as a niche genre filmmaking house, before expanding to a complete studio with equal focus on film and series production alike.

MONKEYSHOOT FILMS is part of a multi-award-winning studio which continues to build on its early success with an immense team of experienced professionals and impressive practical filmmaking resources at hand.

The management team mentioned below is just one part of the bigger picture. The studio is proud to house and/or represent a multitude of talented creatives and technical experts.


With over 100+ years’ collective industry experience in a wide range of areas, the management team has worked with Oscar®-, Emmy®- and Grammy®- winners + nominees and has worked on everything from low to multi-million dollar budget productions. Regardless of history, it is a deep passion for the crafts of storytelling and filmmaking alike that both fuels and unites us across the whole team.

MONKEYSHOOT strives to be a leading creative force globally, taking advantage of a major international industrial network at every stage of the filmmaking journey – from conception to well beyond sales and distribution.

MONKEYSHOOT FILMS fosters great stories via a broad and compelling slate of productions.


Maarten is a producer and director with numerous commercial, corporate film and animation productions to his credit. He began working in the video and animation industry as creative director of Mamascreen Video Production & Animation Studios and has worked in various sectors of the corporate film, commercial and animation industry.

Using his vast professional experience and immense technical knowledge, MONKEYSHOOT FILMS is proud to be able to utilise the optimum combination of those strengths across all of its productions.


Helmut has been active in the international movie market at the biggest independents in the market such as Dutch Filmworks and A-Film. His own company specializes in entertainment consultancy, and he works for ODMedia as their Head of Marketing.

He has always loved movies, series, games, comics and music. Naturally, he has an opinion on every movie or series he sees. This fuels him to produce amazing stories at MONKEYSHOOT FILMS, and to realise those productions across his extensive global network

He is continually focused on filmmaking with a qualitative commercial viewpoint in order to make movies that consumers will love and licensees will be able sell to their retailers, VOD partners and ultimately to consumers. He firmly believes in a robust global content deployment ecosystem with regard to ROI.


Nicole is a design orientated creative who has substantial experience in guiding the concept and story development in art. Within MONKEYSHOOT, she works specifically on stories and broadly on content across the entire studio. One of her main goals is to ensure that the team never loses sight of the importance of story and creativity, a responsibility the team takes seriously.

Nicole’s greatest professional and creative motivation is that of telling a unique and compelling story. She gets immense fulfilment from bringing strong visions to life, and as such this is a clear drive for her within MONKEYSHOOT FILMS.


Luc is finance expert and sports-media-entertainment professional with decades of experience under his belt. This started after an already illustrious 14 years as a serious crime detective in the Dutch police force. Since then, Luc carved out a substantial career in the real estate, finance and sports-media-entertainment sectors.

With a track history both in financial construction and film production, Luc brings strong guidance and advice to the planning and approach of MONKEYSHOOT FILMS to all of its productions.


Vincenzo has decades of qualitative business and management experience under his belt, in combination with a long-lasting passion for filmmaking and storytelling. With an assiduous and careful approach, he brings a level of control and quality to all proceedings at MONKEYSHOOT FILMS, be it via the backoffice or production office.

Vincenzo broadens the international profile of the team, being a a ‘Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy’, an honour bestowed upon Italians that actively contribute in a marked way to the preservation and promotion of Italian prestige abroad. A burgeoning filmmaker in his own right, MONKEYSHOOT benefits from having Vincenzo’s keen eye, hard-working ‘never-give-up’ attitude and love for movies in its mix.


Matt has a colourful and varied career history, which is part of why he joined the MONKEYSHOOT team. Working well at both the micro and macro levels, he guides the Studio’s overall direction and strategy, whilst liaising carefully with the rest of the management team and reporting to the supervisory board.

As a filmmaker, Matt has extensive experience in the craft of storytelling and producing, and continues to evolve as a director. He is highly attentive to detail whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture, bringing that pivotable viewpoint and relevant skills to the table when producing/directing films and when managing the various teams within MONKEYSHOOT FILMS.